Election Day Message

After spending my career making health care more affordable and accessible I decided to run for Congress to bring real representation to KY's 4th District. 

When Medicare wasn't responding to the needs of our seniors the federal government hired me to take a half billion dollar budget and develop 1(800)MEDICARE's Customer Service Portal. I created thousands of jobs across America and got Medicare to be more responsive in serving the Health Care needs of our Seniors. 

As your Congressman I will work to improve our district's dangerously out of date infrastructure, bring high speed Internet to every county in the 4th District, take my expertise to ensure everyone in America's right to health care, a living wage and to retire with dignity is guaranteed and protected. 

I think we deserve a congressman who will go to Washington and work every day for us and I can get that job done! 

I'm asking you to help restore Competence, Compassion, and Courage to Congress by voting for me, Seth Hall, in the Democratic Primary on Tuesday May 22, 2018.


-Seth Hall

Democrat For Congress 

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