Say No to a Trade War

Join Seth Hall in asking Congress to act courageously and to stand up against rash trade decisions. Let's remind Congress who they work for, and that we the people are watching and are ready to replace those members who put politics above the people! Seth doesn't believe he needs to wait for specific details before commenting, he believes that if a decision might hurt Kentucky workers and their families, it's a bad idea from the start. Your quality of life and livelihood matters, and playing political games with them is unacceptable.

Seth doesn't believe that Trade wars are good, not for America and not for Kentucky. The European Union is already considering its own 25 percent tariff on American products as a response, which would badly hurt Kentucky industries like Bourbon and car manufacturing, as well as hitting other parts of the brewery and microbrewery industries.

After you've signed the petition, join the campaign and help Seth take his message all across the Fourth Congressional District and all the way to Washington, D.C.! Let's make Congress Competent Again!

Will you sign?

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